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Essay Preview. The Theme of Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' teaches us about the deceit and prejudice amongst the residents of .

However, in this third world, war struck country, laws are rarely followed and as a result children younger than 18 are recruited by the army and also prosecuted. For example, Akram, a nine year old child who was used as a bomber, was prosecuted for the crimes he committed despite being 9 years younger that the current minimum age of criminal responsibility in Yemen. Personally, I believe child soldiers should not be prosecuted for their crimes.

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I have developed this opinion after conducting research on this topic. I have discovered that child soldiers are often forced into fighting through false promises.

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They are also forced into fighting through drugs and alcohol. The drugs, often cocaine mixed with gun powder, brainwash the children to the point where they would rather not escape from the horror unraveling around them. I personally believe anyone who has to succumb to such horrors and atrocities should not be prosecuted for the crimes they committed. Furthermore, I consider child soldiers different from ordinary child criminals.

Let me explain. Child criminals, on the other hand, are not forced into killing innocent civilians; they do it through a motive, often weak ones, such as killing someone for their money.

Child Soldiers Lesson 3: Research Paper

Here I have just pointed a couple of strong differences between the two. In , Lionel Tate, a 12 year old boy, was convicted for murdering a 6 year old girl he was babysitting. Unlike child soldiers, Lionel Tate was not forced into murdering. I believe they should be taken to rehabilitation center in order for them to be reintegrated into society. The main issue that develops from the idea of child soldiers is defining the minimal age of criminal responsibility.

As mentioned earlier, child soldiers are generally considered children under the age of 18, however, despite this child soldiers younger than 18 are often prosecuted. International Criminal Court Article 26 prohibits the court from prosecuting anyone under the age of 18; however, in spite of this child soldiers are still trialed and jailed for their actions. For example, child soldiers such as Ishmael Beah from Sierra Leone and Emmaunuel Jal from Sudan were prosecuted and jailed, which really only strengthened the problems these children are facing. In five years as a fighting boy, what was in my heart was to kill as many Muslims as possible.

Not only this, they were only 15 when they were prosecuted which means, the word of the law, they were still too young for prosecution. Overall, I believe child soldiers should not be held responsible for their crimes. From the drugs to the alcohol, these children are placed under horrific circumstances which are preposterous. They kill to stay alive and those who try to escape are killed.

In the remake, the invader is North Korea. The protagonists are a scrappy group of Colorado high-schoolers who take to the hills and mount an offensive against the Ruskies. They fought here alone and gave up their lives, so that this nation shall not perish from the earth. The Harry Potter series underestimates the lifelong trauma these children would experience, never mind whether they should be immediately taking jobs as civil servants.

International standards would call for them to be demobilised and reintegrated into the civilian population. But at least in Harry Potter or, for that matter, The Hunger Games novels by Suzanne Collins, children get to experience a range of emotions, to make choices and have intentions. This flat image serves the interests of aid organisations and the UN General Assembly, but it requires us to ignore the voices of the children themselves.

The rhetoric assumes the child soldiers are abducted or coerced, but surveys of youth recruits to the LTTE suggest that this is relatively rare. In one survey, 18 of 19 teenage boys from the LTTE said they joined voluntarily. But can a child truly volunteer to join an army?

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  7. Even when they enlist by choice, child soldiers do so under a set of constraining circumstances. Young women described their enlistment as a flight from sexual violence and other exploitation into a structured military environment.

    What are the effects of armed conflict?

    If boy soldiers are depicted as intrinsically vulnerable, then girl soldiers are doubly so. Consumers of Western media have learned to make the mental leap between young women in danger overseas — and rape. In an effort to record the stories of girls themselves, in a team of local researchers led by Yvonne E Keairns of the Quaker UN Office interviewed 24 young women from across four conflicts: Angola, Colombia, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

    But of the other 18 girls, 17 had joined guerrilla groups voluntarily, and their testimony about their choices sheds light on the complexity lacking in our portrait of child soldiers. Many of the young women interviewed described their enlistment as a flight from sexual violence and other forms of exploitation in the home into a structured military environment. When these groups did exercise reproductive control, it was usually in the form of forced contraception and abortions to maintain the fitness of the fighting corps. One Sri Lankan militant describes escaping her home on the eve of an unwanted marriage.

    The statements of the Filipina militants are especially striking: the girls report taking part in a culture of mutual criticism, where they had plenty of time to study, and the group listened to their voices. Training included a lecture on strict sexual harassment policies.

    And, contrary to Western ideas about the agency of female child soldiers, a majority of those interviewed had made a calculated choice to become militants. To assume all girl soldiers undergo the same violence as the combatants in Angola is to exclude three-quarters of their stories.

    The child soldier is a recent idea, and we have barely begun to work out its contradictions. Rather than become refugees, many young Kurdish women have joined the YPJ to fight IS, though the group officially complies with the Optional Protocol. The article originally included some of these teen trainees and combatants, saluting them as heroes, and the editors were so caught up in the story that they forgot they were applauding a war crime.

    The Issue Of Child Soldiers

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