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Essay Preview. The Theme of Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' teaches us about the deceit and prejudice amongst the residents of .

As with any good first impression, your statement should hook and invite further inquiry, like a really good story is about to unfold. Give too little, not too much. People have short attention spans, especially these days, and extra especially online where most of them now go to look at and read about art. When you overload readers with details or complicated explanations, you risk drowning them in words, and possibly even discouraging those who might otherwise persevere if only you would have kept it simple.

Talk about and answer commonly asked questions about your art. Save the deeper or more complicated essay answers for those who progress to the next level and want to know more. Don't worry about having to satisfy your longtime dedicated fans. You won't bore them and you won't lose them; they already love you. And if they have questions, they know how to contact you and get them answered.

Remember-- your statement is about expanding your audience, about welcoming NEW people to your work, not keeping things static. Plus this Write it in the first person, not in the third person, like you're talking about yourself in the abstract. Infuse it with your own unique perspective. Whenever possible, make it conversational, like you're speaking directly to readers note: a good editor can work wonders here.

And please oh please keep it simple. The more complicated, theoretical, arcane, inscrutable, bloated, pompous, elitist, egotistical, bombastic, arrogant or impersonal your statement is, the more trouble people will have trying to hack through it and connecting with you and your art in meaningful ways. Few readers want to burn calories trying to decipher complexities; they burn 'em all day long.

For now, they just want to see your art, get a basic sense of what it's about, take it easy, have fun and enjoy themselves. If you're in that category, think seriously about hiring a professional writer or editor to write for you, preferably one with an art background, to help you say what you want your statement to convey in language that ordinary everyday people can understand. Talk about what your art does for you, not what it's supposed to do for the viewers. This doesn't mean you start every sentence with "I," but rather that you respect people's autonomy and allow them to respond to your art however they wish.

Never pressure them or attempt to dictate outcomes. Your statement begins the narrative, your viewers take it from there. These belong in your bio, resume or curriculum vitae CV. In your statement, they're name-dropping; in your CV, they're testimonials. For example, if your art is about world peace, and it consists of twigs protruding from pieces of clay, briefly explain the connection. If of course, the object of your art or your statement is to leave people wondering, then that's OK.

In art everything is OK, but in order to succeed as an artist, someone beside yourself generally has to get the point of what you're doing and why you're doing it. For example, if your art is "inspired by assessments of the fundamentals of the natural world," tell which fundamentals you're assessing and how they inspire you.


If you have to make such a reference, explain it fast so people can get a quick grip and move on. Better yet, instead of a reference, say the same basic thing in your own words. If you can't do it fast, save it for later. People are generally not interested in progressions of antecedent events. Something leads up to everything; we all know that. Unless something in your past is integral to understanding your art in the present, leave it for later. Let the critics decide who you're like.

Plus you don't want to invite comparisons between yourself and the greatest artists who've ever lived.

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We all know who's going to win those battles. Nobody likes being told what to do. Instead of saying "You will experience angst when you see my art," say "This art expresses my angst" or "I express my angst through my art. Show your art and statement to friends, friends of friends, and maybe even a stranger or two. Make sure they get what you're saying and come away understanding what you want them to understand.

When they don't, or you have to explain yourself, do a rewrite and eliminate the confusion. Some Captivating Opinion Essay Topics in Sports This is one of the best places to get some fantastic opinion essay ideas.

Well, we all enjoy watching and attending different sporting events. For instance, in , the football world cup in Russia will be remembered for its huge attendance. Remember that these are creatures which suffer from different challenges, some of them environmental while others are merely dangers from humans. Simple Opinion Essay Topics for Elementary Students Learners at this academic level may not have grasped all the concepts of writing, but when it comes to writing an opinion essay, they should have nothing to worry about.

Do you fall under this category? Attractive Opinion Essay Topics on Education The education sector is one of the key pillars of any economy.

From increased drug abuse among students to sex and violence, maybe the best way to find a solution is by informing as many people as possible. We hope that these opinion essay topics will help!

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Your Artist Statement: Explaining the Unexplainable

Get the inspiration you need using these fantastic topics for your opinion essay: 1. The 3-Day Weekend By Law 3. An opinion essay will help you add some spice, joy, and enthusiasm into the lives of your audience. Just pick any of the following ideas for your opinion essay to produce an exciting final paper: 1. Here are the reliable opinion essay ideas that you could use to create a powerful message: 1. Argumentative Opinion Essay Topics One of the best methods of grabbing the attention of your readers is by getting some debatable opinion essay topics.

Make sure you get the most pressing issues happening in the world to engage the intuitive minds of your audience. Feel free to start with any of these incredible ideas: 1.


Sadly though, getting a powerful theme is not always easy. The first step to ensuring this happens is by educating the public on proper methods of waste disposal, fuel extraction, among many other things. Use these opinion essay example topics for additional inspiration: 1.

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