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Essay Preview. The Theme of Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' teaches us about the deceit and prejudice amongst the residents of .

Improper solid waste management contributes greatly to river pollution. Improper solid waste management also contributes to climate change — decomposing waste produces methane and production of new products to meet demand emits greenhouse gases and utilizes natural resources. Therefore, a shift towards more sustainable consumption patterns is required. There are many reasons and factors that affect consumer especially Gen-Y to buy a green product. Concern for the environment is perceived to be important in encouraging consumer to participate in green program and also buying a green product.

Research finding suggest that, moral concerns determine several curtailment behaviors Goldstein et al.

Environmental Issues in Malaysia

This is a problem since overlooking an influential determinant might hinder or delay successful diffusion of environmentally friendlier products and innovations. Sensitivity to environmental issues shifts consumer behavior towards supporting the growth and diffusion of green marketing and ecologically-conscious consumer behavior — including: consumer preference for greener firms, increase in demand for greener products. Alsmadi, ; Finisterra do Pacao et al.

Grant, John.

Environmental issues in malaysia essay

Other definitions of green marketing as proposed by marketing scholars include social marketing, ecological marketing or environmental marketing. Peatitie and Welford defined green marketing as the management process responsible for identifying and satisfying the requirements of customers and society in a profitable and sustainable way. In reality, companies that pursue green marketing encounter numerous challenges mainly from the variability of demand, un-favorable consumer perception and high cost Gurau and Ranchhod, The dependent variable in this study is the factor that affecting consumer preferences for green products.

Everyone in this Earth, play a major role as a consumer. Each and every consumer has their very own perspective and preferences towards what they consume. Consumer from different demographic factors such as background and society may influence their behavior in making decisions while to purchase products. It is mean that, label are important to capture consumer impression to buy a green product. The importance of consumers has lead to many researches to be conducted in order to study on their behavior and attitudes towards what they perceived on the products.

Barr and Gilg was found that green purchasing behavior was the least popular activity alongside activities such as recycling and habitual household activities. However, not surprisingly, green consumers do consider environmental factors when purchasing products, but engaged more frequently in activities such as switching off lights and recycling paper daily activities.

Environmental Issues In Malaysia - (Malay Language & School Assignment)

Wheale and Hinton suggested that amongst the population of green consumers there is a hierarchy of importance of ethical drivers in the purchase decision-making process. The environment was rated as the most important ethical driver during purchasing decisions. Furthermore, if product is more expensive, consumers might have intention to buy green products. Knowledge and attitude towards environment are very important to influcence consumer especially Gen-Y To buy a green product.

There is a general belief among the researchers and environmental activists that through purchasing environmentally friendly products or green products, products with recyclable packaging or properly disposing of non-biodegradable garbage, consumers can contribute significantly to improve the quality of the environment Abdul-Muhmim, The quality of the environment depends critically on the level of knowledge, attitudes, values and practices of consumers Mansaray and Abijoye, This means that price is not the main factor in preventing consumers from purchasing green products if they are pro-environment.

Researcher also found that Influencing consumer behaviour is a complex and difficult task requiring knowledge of its determinants. The most convincing support of the growing influence of the ecologically-friendly consumer is the increase in the number of individuals that are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly products Bang et al.

Studies have also investigated the effect social influence has affect consumer especially Gen-Y purchase green product. The interest in green initiatives is not expected to emanate only from external impositions and inducements but also from the internal sense of responsibility of a firm towards the society in which it exists.

For green issues, such sensitivity is intensified by increasing environmental problems such as global warming and pollution. Such problems may also raise awareness and interest of a firm to behave in a more socially responsible manner and reflect an image of due diligence and commitment to sustainability. Green purchasing is primarily motivated by a certain degree of consumer ecological consciousness. Social norms lead individuals to take into consideration the opinions of the other members of society when choosing a green product over another: if they think that their acquaintances approve of green product purchase and disapprove of standard product purchase, there are encouraged to buy green products.

Ewing, stated that social norms are an important motivator of ecologically responsible behaviour. Value perception is the conception one has of oneself. Study in marketing influence on consumer purchase decision on green product, value perception was influencing green behaviours.

This agrees to Lee finding value perception as the third predictor of her study. Apart from behavioral aspects, numerous studies have also looked at the relationship between demographic and socioeconomic variables and purchase green product involvement. Kinnear, T. This could be due to the notion that different groups of people relate to different parts of the environmental agenda Peattie, K.

There have been contradictory results of younger and older age groups concerns about environmental issues Peattie, K. Based on four surveys, Hines et al. Methodology is a system of methods used in a particular research. Research methodology normally comes after defining the problems and completing the thorough of the literature review.

Research methodology which has been implemented to collect, investigate and as well as interpreting data obtained for the testing of the hypothesis will be discussed. Theoretical framework will be formed in this chapter in order to illustrate the relationships in between the dependent variable and independent variables.

Environmental Pollution And Global Warming

Besides that, hypotheses were developed and will be discussed together with the explanations in conjunction with the dependent variable and the independent variables. On top of that, plans of the sampling method, data collection methods and as well as the development of the questionnaires are included in this chapter. Finally, the data analysis and the hypotheses testing will carry out to analyze the responses from the respondents so that it will derive to a stronger conclusion at the end of this research.

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Figure 3. The preferences of consumers for green products are subjective. Whether they have a greater of favor to green products or to ordinary products are just hard to predict. The importances of consumers have lead to many researches to be conducted in order to study on their behavior and attitudes towards what they perceived on the products. The knowledge, which is one of the factors that might cause preferences for consumers to make purchases for green products. Thus, the brand image of the company has help by providing hints to the consumers in summarizing the information from that certain product.

Besides that, consumers also prefer to purchase a green product with a lower cost. The attitude is another most influential factor in consumer preferences for green products. Consumers normally are not really aware about our environment issue nowadays. It is because they get less information regarding to our environment situation. Awareness towards our enviro. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:.

Nano Environmental Technologies - renewable resources Italy Smart Grid - renewable resources Italy Renewable energy - renewable resources Italy 3. Solar Energy - renewable resources Italy 4. Wave Energy - renewable resources Italy 5. Tidal Energy - renewable resources Italy 6. Wind Energy - renewable resources Italy 7.

Biomass Energy - renewable resources Italy 8. Geothermal Energy - renewable resources Italy 9. How many new areas are being burnt down? How many areas have ceased burning? Why was this not anticipated, knowing that every dry season will bring about a spate of forest fires? Open burning and forest clearing using the slash-and-burn method occur in this country as well.

Have we learnt from our own mistakes? We need our forests, our wildlife and our environment to be protected. We need clean air to live. The climate is the Earth's most fundamental life support system, one that determines whether we humans are able to live on this planet.

Environmental issues in malaysia essay

It comprises four components: the atmosphere the air we breathe ; the hydrosphere the planet's water ; the cryosphere the ice sheets and glaciers and the biosphere the planet's plants and animals. By now, our activities had started to modify every single one of these components. Our rivers are polluted, our wildlife dwindling, our forests are logged and now, the very air we breathe is affected! As we sit cloistered in our homes and offices, schools are closed, the parks are empty, fields and playgrounds are deserted and animals are dying systematically through one of the worst environmental disasters that has ever hit our nation.

The fight for conservation MUST have our attention.

The repercussions are greater than we think. Fig wasps play a crucial role in ecosystems as specialist pollinators.