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Essay Preview. The Theme of Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' teaches us about the deceit and prejudice amongst the residents of .

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Examples of Biographical Statement and Abstract

We understand students have plenty on their plates, which is why we love to help them out. Let us do the work for you, so you have time to do what you want to do! Order Loading We write:. Biographical Thesis. To successfully accomplish an autobiographical thesis here are some suggested steps to take: Think of a person famous ones or people you know personally who impress you as having made a notable contribution to humanity.

In two or three sentences, define that important or significant accomplishment that this person has done.

Be sure to mention separately and clearly the elements that led to that achievement in their logical or chronological order. Reflect carefully about each major element and then write down the details constituting each one. Create a sentence essay outline as a guide for the final thesis, observing carefully the rules of the essay format you have chosen. You may need to reduce the size of a table or figure, either xerographically or by using smaller size type within the table or figure, to meet the margin requirements. As a general guide, you may refer to the figure below, a sample table in Chicago style.

Tables extending over multiple pages should be placed in an appendix. Style guides and journals vary widely in the treatment of references. Your style guide determines the format for all entries and their overall organization; therefore, you must be familiar with the style of citations and references used by your journal or style guide, ensuring that it addresses all of your source types. Please be aware that some style guides provide more than one option for reference style, depending on the discipline e.

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The reference list should be single spaced with one additional line space separating each reference from another. It is fine to have references listed after each chapter but a comprehensive references page must also be included at the end of the document before appendices. Nation, K. Beyond phonological skills: Broader language skills. Journal of Research in Reading, 27, — Riedel, B. Reading Research Quarterly, 42 4 , Swanson, H. Influence of oral language and.

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Journal of School Psychology,. Wiley, T. Against the undertow: The politics of language.

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When you submit your document for format review, the advisor will check your citations for consistency, but you must complete a more thorough check to guarantee the order of references and the completeness of entries in relation to your style guide, and to ensure that the information you provide to your readers is accurate and that you are not plagiarizing per Graduate College's policies and procedures. You will also want to verify that your reference list entries match any coinciding in-text citations. You are ultimately responsible for the completeness and accuracy of your references.

List appendix titles in the table of contents see table of contents page. If your research includes human subjects or animal subjects, you must include the appropriate approval documents in an appendix. If a specific software or operating system is required to view the non-print media, the following line should make a note of it.

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Included if common in your discipline, recommended by your committee, or important to you. Present in a professional tone see figure below ; past tense is most commonly used. As a graduate student, copyrighting impacts you in two ways. Second, as a researcher, you must make every effort not to violate the copyrights of others.

All works under copyright protection and published in the United States on or after March 1, , are subject to mandatory deposit. Usually, the holder of the copyright is required to submit two copies of the copyrighted work to the Copyright Office. The form used to register a copyright for most documents is Form TX. Certain documents in the performing arts, such as musical scores or plays, may require Form PA.

Contact the Copyright Office if you are not sure which form to use. Application forms are available online at copyright.

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If you plan on copyrighting your document, follow these additional formatting instructions:. The copyright symbol meets the requirements of the Universal Copyright Convention to which the United States and most European and Asian nations belong. This statement will afford additional protection under the Buenos Aires Convention, to which the United States and most Latin American nations belong.

The copyright page will become your second page, between the title page and the abstract. Copyrighted material includes tables, charts, graphs, maps, questionnaires, illustrations, photographs, literary works, etc. It is against the law to reproduce copyrighted materials, in full or in part, without permission of the copyright owner.

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  8. If you need to include copyrighted source material in your document, you must obtain written permission from the copyright owner prior to its use. The written permission you secure from the author or publisher to use copyrighted work in your document should be included in an appendix. Fair Use rights have the same legal standing in the law as the copyright owner's rights. Fair Use allows for the limited use of copyrighted content such as tables, maps, or works of art to create new works that benefit society.

    The information stored on such files, particularly any included software, must not violate any copyrights. Research involving human subjects concerns the collection of data on subjects whose performance of any activity is required for the purpose of compiling data. This includes data obtained by observation, interview, questionnaire, experiment, or a secondary source.

    Documents containing any data collection from human subjects require that applications be submitted to the University Human Subjects IRB for approval before data collection or recruitment of subjects is initiated. For further information, contact the human research coordinator in the Office of Human Research Administration at or visit researchintegrity. Do not use the first person plural i. For more information regarding copyrights and permissions visit Copyright Library Guide.

    Supplemental non-print materials should be listed as appendices in your table of contents. The appendix cover sheet must also be marked with a description of the software and operating system e. You may upload supplementary files that accompany your document.