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Essay Preview. The Theme of Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' teaches us about the deceit and prejudice amongst the residents of .

Suddenly I remembered all the feelings I had for her in the past and immediately started liking her again. I thought that incident was not a just a coincidence. What were the odds we would be in the same place, that I almost never go to, at the same time, and I looked up right when she was looking at me? This was meant to happen, we were meant to be. I started to daydream about her again and she often appeared in my dreams. I also noticed that I was beginning to be less depressed.

My feelings for her increased dramatically in a very short period of time. I would purposely come up with an excuse to go to my locker because I would pass by her's along the way and I could take another look at her beautiful face.

My emotions got to a point where I didn't know how to handle it. I decided to do something about it. Valentine's Day was approaching and it would be a perfect time. I went to her Ask. Her reply was, Haha that would never happen! I was so excited because I could really surprise her. The day before Valentines, I went to buy a half-dozen red roses, but when I arrived at the store, I came to the realization that roses weren't cheap. So I had to resort to some cheaper blue roses because they were for sale as singles. Just after I bought three, the cashier said, "You know blue roses are for girls to give to guys?

So I quickly rushed back and just by luck, a fresh batch of sets of three red roses were being sold. I quickly bought one and rushed back to the school to put in my locker along with the other blue roses.

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On the way back I thought of a poem I should attach: "Roses are red, Apparently some are blue. I don't really care, I really like you. I attached the card and bouquet on Lily's locker. I waited with my friends in the nearby lounge waiting for her to come to her locker. Half an hour later, the school was a lot busier and there she came.

Love Paragraphs for Her: 50+ I Love You Paragraphs

My friend signalled me and we walked through the hallway acting like we didn't know anything about it. The look on her face is one I will never forget: a combination of confusion, suprise, and happiness. That one look at her face literally cured my depression. I felt so accomplished and happy, because I finally felt that I made someone else happy for something I did. After the warning bell went for first block, I walked past her again in the hallway and she was with one of her friends, and all I heard was "Aww! That's so cute! He told me she was very happy and curious about who did it.

At around pm, I received a message on facebook. I just wanted to thank you for the roses! They're lovely! I wasn't upset because it didn't affect anything negatively. But why me?? I'm very sorry, but I'd love to be your friend though ". Even though it was basically a rejection, I didn't see it that way, but rather as a new beginning and a new chapter.

I'm Falling For You. (We're Made For Each Other!)

And that was how it all began. I learned a lot through this especially learning about my try self. I learned that I couldn't take on depression or stress myself, I need help from others. I learned about what I looked for in girls. Honestly, I don't treat a girl's body as a primary factor of whether I like her or not, but rather as a bonus.

What I look for in girls is an honest, kind-hearted, and wonderful personality and Lily had all of it. I hope everyone is able to have their own unique story of how they met the one. Reply With Quote. Replies: 1 Last Post: , PM. By ahsiam in forum Short Story Sharing. Replies: 25 Last Post: , AM.

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One Of A Kind Love Letter To Write Her

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How did you meet your girlfriend?

Skip to page:. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 6 years ago 1. Please can as many of you respond? I like to think of myself as a 'old romantic', I studied Literature at uni and am now a teacher of English, mid twenties, sometimes writing stories on blogs. I always try to find stories about how people have met, but it is always a brief description, maybe to protect identities, but thanks to TSR we can post anonymously.

With so many depressing stories about breakups, I feel we should put the spark of love back into relationships.

Where Are They Now?

I am a huge bookworm naturally and am frequently there so much so that the librarians share a small joke with me about how many books I order in. Anyway one day I was looking through some graphics novels and suddenly, I hear a quiet but confident voice say, 'excuse me, how do I find books on the computer? I reply 'erm its actually really easy, here let me show you', she says thanks and that it's always nice when staff help out, I laugh and explain I am not staff then one of the actual staff members cuts in and says, 'He blooming well should be', she giggles and I show her what to do.

Our first common interest was that she wanted to look for a graphic novel called Watchmen, my favorite piece of literature ever written. I tell her where to find it and lo-behold, we find it, she thanks me and asks me 'do [I] like comics?

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She says ok and we head off to a local shop, get our drinks and go to a local park to talk all about bloody Watchmen. And the rest they say is history. Maybe, but true and beautiful.