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Essay Preview. The Theme of Prejudice in To Kill a Mockingbird 'To Kill a Mocking Bird' teaches us about the deceit and prejudice amongst the residents of .

The body of society is wrinkled with centuries of injustice, scarred with generations of suffering, and burdened with lifetimes of painful memories.

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Society is in need of healing. Lee shows us. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. Violence and racism are both important motifs in, Do the Right Thing Lee, They are prominent in almost every scene of the film and lead to the climax when Radio Raheem is killed by the police. Spike Lee used many different directorial techniques in his movie. Heat and.

Lee would have been very meticulous about recording his findings, very much like an anthropologist today. When we try to understand why the characters act as they act and what drives each of them, the viewers are inevitably drawn to the conclusion. Granted, I come from a place much different than that which is portrayed in Do the Right Thing, my beliefs and experiences have developed an interesting lens by which. First, there is generally a sense of what is absolute goodness.

These are the absolute moral standards by which we should live our lives, given to us either either by a higher power or our cultural environment. In Christianity, for instance, this is expressed in the Ten Commandments absolute ethical laws divined by God, also shared by other major religions. In secular society, it is the rule of law, the consensus of the majority of society on the regulations by which that society should be governed.

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Balanced against this sense of absolute goodness is relative goodness. Relative goodness is still a moral rightness but dependent on a situation still agreed …show more content…. For every act of conformity to a social good there is an opposing act redefining what is " the right thing. However, within the context of the group in which the money-driven work, greed is good. We may frown on selfish wealth, yet on Wall Street that obsessiveness is good. Moreover, greed may actually be doing good for others increasing income for other's retirement, college tuition.

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Again, what is the " right thing" becomes subject to context. It is right to be competitive but not to cheat towards that end. We are encouraged to make "A's" in school, but not to do so in a dishonorable way.

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We should care about others, but also teach them to be independent. Richard Linklater? Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus? Yes to all. But just as Chris Rock says about music, I think there is something special about great films you discover as you are coming of age.

Two films later, however, Do the Right Thing was a different matter entirely—bigger, bolder, iconic, not only career-defining but era-defining.

There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing!

And so, so ballsy. Lee has become so well known as a provocateur, both on screen and off, that people tend to forget that before Do the Right Thing he had never really addressed white-on-black racism in his films.

But in the summer of he addressed not only that, but an entire world of intra-racial and interracial concerns. There are even roiling tensions within racial groups. As characters make completely understandable but utterly devastating decisions, a window is opened on the human condition.

'Do The Right Thing's' Exploration Of Racial Tension Is, Unfortunately, Always Timely | The ARTery

Making that film was a revolutionary act. It all starts with those opening credits, a sequence so powerful that some critics have said you could skip the rest of the film and still get the point. It begins with a solo saxophone—I always forget that part, but it does. Then Rosie Perez steps on screen and begins to dance—and to utterly destroy.

There is never a Wrong Time to Do A Right Thing!

Both Brecht and Lee utilize music, comedy, drama, vignettes of typical behavior, and figures who present the messages the author wishes to convey. Growing up during the civil rights movement, it would have been easy for Lee to make an angry film, a screed against white power, a film about the sinful nature of whites and the noble suffering of blacks. But at every step of the way he refuses to take that easy road. And lest we dwell solely on the philosophical issues at hand, it must be pointed out that all of these characters are wildly entertaining and funny.

Do the Right Thing is the precise opposite of an eat-your-vegetables movie.

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