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Confucianism speaks about the wise thoughts that Confucius came across throughout his life. Buddhism speaks about how to acquire great knowledge throughout life. Confucianism was founded by a Chinese man, but Buddhism was founded by an Indian man.

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These quick comparisons show how the religions differ. Confucianism and Taoism have contrasting views on both religion and politics.

Comparing Confucianism and Daoism Essay Example

However, they stem from a similar goal and have similar beliefs. Confucianism is mainly centered around virtue and ethics as a means to an ordered society and believes that an ordered society is what people should strive for. Taoism, on the other hand, focuses on the individual life in relation to the Tao, or "way of nature. However, they take opposing views not only on religion and politics, but also on the person's responsibilities.

Confucianism is based on the teachings of Confucius also known as Kongzi.

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In these teachings Confucius talks …show more content…. This is greatly illustrated in the book "Monkey" where the Monkey King mentions his desire to live forever at numerous points. The Taoist philosophy is based on the teachings of Laozi and seems to have a more religious flow to it. Where as Confucian writings focus on the government and social order. Confucius believed that if a person behaved properly, then their family would follow suit, then their neighborhood, their city, and in time the whole country.

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The basis for a good system of government was the ideal Confucius family. Confucius talked about the 5 relations. A large part of Confucianism is filial piety.

The Three Teachings - Taoism, Buddhism, Confucianism l HISTORY OF CHINA

The Superior Man, according to Confucian beliefs, is not only virtuous because of his actions but because of his attitude as well. This is why the Confucian belief that should the government behave in such a way the whole country will see this good and follow it.

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Unlike the Confucians, who actively tried to change the political system, Taoists pursue wuwei nonaction in living. According to the Tao Te Ching, by not acting one is not doing any harm which is the result of surrendering to the Tao. By doing such, one no longer has a corrupt nature and is moral and perfect human. If a person is in harmony with the Tao they are also in harmony with all.

Show More. Read More. Essay on Confucianism vs. The connection between the two philosophy has influenced many people over time. Many intellectual thinkers, which influenced by these two school of thought have been able to reformed politics and culture, and able to shaped China into what we know today. We know that the school of Confucianism and Taoism are two separate school of thought with it each own teachings and ethical values that a person should follow by According to.

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Essay Sample on Confucianism and Taoism

The former, led by the politician and philosopher Confucius, proposed that humans live in society according to a set of predefined rules and that they transform society through political action. Whereas the latter, led by the philosopher Lao-Tzu, promoted the idea of inaction; people should go with the flow instead of taking action to control their lives and dominate their surroundings The relationship among the three has been marked by both competition and complementation in history, with Confucianism playing a more dominant role. Confucianism emphasized a reiteration of current moral values and Taoism developed a system of based upon a harmonization of man with the natural order.

These two popular philosophies, however, developed into popular religions eventually. Besides the major religions, ancestor worship and animism also have strong support in China Compare and contrast Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. How are they similar. How are they different. Buddhism Has over million members, and was founded around 2, years ago in India. Don't resist them - that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Born into a life of noodles and relaxation Po, a chubby panda, always wanted to be a Kung Fu master.

The Influence of Accessibility: A Comparison of the Views of Lao-Tzu and Confucius

Out of nowhere an opportunity arises to have his dream become reality. Po, like any normal panda snatches up this once in a lifetime opportunity and runs with it Better Essays words 1. Each has its own unique purpose and type of people. Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism all have similar and different qualities.

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I will explain similarities and differences in this essay. The basic beliefs and concepts of Confucianism are similar to Taoism in the sense that they want peace and good behavior. The Buddhists, on the other hand, strictly have the purpose to reach Nirvana and follow the four noble truths